Monday, 30 April 2012

Black and White

Hi Everyone,

Here is a recent shoot taken for AS photography, I have moved from colour photography to black and white photography (big jump, I know), I liked some of the photography I'd seen in which words are made using scrabble pieces, except I could only find Boggle cudes, ha. In a previous Inspiration of the week, I found as image of a girl with flowers in her braided hair and I loved this and thought a black and white version could add a more classic feel. I then played with reflection on both the glitter and my eye and love the effect I got when the images were blurred, which created interesting lines. Anyway, I hope you like it, keep the comments coming and I'll talk to you soon!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Spring Colours

Hey everyone,

Here is a new photogrpahy shoot that I did a few weeks ago, during the easter holiday, before all the rain started. Colour is the main focus of these images and I was inspired by the photographer Tony Howell when I took them. He also uses blur in his images to give them a dreamy effect. My favourite shots are the apple blossoms, they have to be my flower/plant. I hope you like them :) thank you again for the lovely comments and feel free to follow my blog either here or on bloglovin :)

 Hope you are all well x

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

April Showers

top - ?
skirt - made by moi
jacket - primark
shoes - H&M
tights - asda probably

Hey everyone, here is an outfit post for you, I hope you like it :) I had to find the right time to shoot it, becuase it kept showering like it does in April. It was a casual day, like most days, so unless I'm going out somewhere, this is how I will usually be dressing. I love this coat, its kept me warm throughout the winter, however, I have had to sew the buttons on about two or three times and I bought it near the beginning of winter (trust primark). I love the pattern of this skirt, I actually recently started wearing it again, even thought i've had it for a while, I just discovered it again after sorting throught my closet. These shoes I bought last weekend and they are now my go-to shoes for everyday. I really need more shoes! I know that sounds bad, but I only have about 2 pairs that I actually wear and the others are old and tacky. I'm one of those people who hates to spend loads on a pair of shoes and always buys cheap, low quality shoes, because I think I'm saving money, when in actual fact i'm probably just wasting it. 

Anyway, enough rambling, I just want to thank those people who commented on my balloons and bubbles post, it means so much to me and I didn't expect anyone to respond to it, so thanks, love you guys and I hope your all doing well.


Monday, 23 April 2012

Inspiration of the week

 I love this shot, it's so summery and gives you that feeling of freedom. I love how there are some blurred areas, giving the image a more hazy look. 
mmm I love this! so beautiful! theres something about petals floating on water and I like the romantic feel of this shot.
I am currently working on black and white photography at college, and this is a beautiful idea, it which you work with shadow and pattern. I've got loads of lace fabric which would work brilliantly for this. You could any material that has patterned holes in it.
I love the dark, dramatic eye makeup with gems, that works amazingly for black and white photography (I'm not so keen on the cigarette though). I love makeup and beauty photography and I might try this during my exploration of black and white photography.
Yesterday, I did a black and white shoot using glitter eye makeup and this was my main inspiration. I love the blurry dots of the glitter and the closeup shot of the eye. Cannot wait to show you guys my attempt!

Here are some more glitter photographs. I love the blurriness of the glitter photograph and the fatc that areas of the body are photographed with them, giving it a sense of closeness and emotion.

I recently created something silimar to this, and THEN saw this, which was a bit irritating, becuase this would have helped a lot. I'm absolutely fascinated by ink in water, which I previously did a shoot on. and the combination with portraiture is beautiful.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Balloons and Bubbles

 Hey everyone,

So this is my first shoot posted on this blog! yay! Some of these you have seen before, on my blog header and my first post. This was a shoot I did about a month ago, when the weather was lush and I could get away with wearing clothes like this without freezing. I actually love how summery these shots look. In AS photography at the moment I'm looking at colour and ways I can capture different colours. So balloons seemed lke a good idea and thought there were some pretty colours in the bubbles. Anyway, there will be more shoots coming and other lovely stuff. Feel free to comment!