Wednesday, 7 January 2015

I'm Back!!

Why hello there!

Long time no blog :) As its the new year and we're all feeling inspired to be the new and better us, I've decided to make some changes in my life, as I| do pretty much every year. My new years resolutions usually consist of run 3 times a week, drink 8 glasses of water, blog once a week etc. and as we all know these things don't last longer than February... So, I've decided this year to stop making unrealistic goals. Instead my goal this year is to change my outlook. I've had a hard think about what makes me happy. And doing what makes you happy means doing it WHEN you want. Not just in January. And yes, as much as I need to stop eating badly and lounging around, health is important of course, but there are so many more things I would like to achieve this year. I had an amazing 2014 and felt I achieved a lot, but not because I made new years resolutions. I said YES to so many things and I have gained so much confidence because of it. Here are just some of the things I did/achieved:
  • Passed my driving test second time and slowly got less and less nervous while driving. I still stall like a billion times but I blame the claremobile (my car) :)
  • Travelled by plane on my own for the first time to South Africa and spent 4 amazing months getting to know my family, road tripping, sightseeing, swimming under waterfalls, partying, swimming in the sea, walking on the beach at night, wine tasting, driving for the first time on my own and then everyday in the streets of Johannesburg (any South African will tell you this is scary) and of course spending 3 months of that time volunteering at a Joburg children's home where I got to know some amazing, beautiful girls, all who have gone through so much more than any child their age ever should. It made me appreciate every blessing in my life.
  • A little achievement I made over the summer was that I sang in front of actual people! I love singing and playing guitar and just a simple open mic at my local pub was quite a big thing for me. I definitely will be doing more of this in 2015.
  •  Started my photography course at university. I have already met some amazing people that I know will stick around for a long time and have inspired me to do amazing things.
  • The biggest achievement this year was gaining my confidence and ability to talk to people. I used to be such a shy person and the idea of meeting new people scared the hell out of me. Now its SO exciting!
And of course this post wouldn't be nearly as interesting without some pictures from my amazing 2014!!

South Africa 2014



This is a picture of my mother taken during the apartheid in South Africa that I found in Museum Africa, Johannesburg. She is my role model, alongside my dad.

(Can you tell which one is mine?)
Summer in the UK 2014
Running my second 5k. I want to achieve 10k in 2015!

Glastonbury 2014!!

Starting University

Here's to a great 2015!

I'd want give a big shout out and huge thanks to Laura from Please check her out! She was the inspiration behind this post and for starting my blog again. She has just recently started her own blog and hopefully we're going to help each other to stick with them! :)

P.S. I just wanted to get a bit of feedback on my blog header... which one??

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Experimenting with my new SLR

Hey Everyone!!
So I bought my first SLR this summer, which I was so excited about and couldn't wait to try it out! It's a Nikon D5200 with a standard 18 -55mm lense. I was lucky to be able to go on holiday with my best friend and her family for a week in Cornwall, so I made the most of the amazing sights when we went walking one evening. I absolutely LOVE the ability to get a really shallow depth of field (compared to my old camera) by altering the aperture. I feel this makes objects and peoples faces stand out way more, which is great for my interest in portrait photography. However, I am still struggling with the large range of controls and am still trying to get used to adjusting the aperture/ISO/shutter speed in manual mode. I'm trying to stay in manual mode as I find in Auto mode, the images don't come as well as I'd like. Anyway here are some of the shots I took, which have been edited.

What I did this Summer

Hi everyone!

I know its been a long time since I've posted, but I hope to get into a habit of posting, seeing as I am now on my gap year!!! I'm really excited for the plans I've made, but also a bit nervous and still getting used to the idea that I won't be going to school anymore. I will be going to University the following year to study Photography.

I was so lucky to be able to go to Glastonbury for the first time with my best friend and my family and it was the highlight of my summer. We just went for the day and saw amazing bands like First Aid Kit, The Gypsy Queens, The London Community Gospel Choir and of course Mumford and Sons (aaah!) among others. I'm a big fan of Mumford and Sons, so when I found out they were playing I may have screamed a little. Seeing them live was crazy, there were so many people, and an amazing atmosphere. The only problem was that I couldn't actually see the band, except on the big screen, as everyone in front of me were a lot taller!

 Just a funny little anecdote from the day, which at the time pissed me off quite a bit, but looking back it was quite funny. So you've probably heard about the dreaded portaloos and how gross they are, I had drunk quite a bit throughout the day and by the end of the Mumford concert, I really needed to go. I'd found a loo, went in and because it so dark (and I was a bit tipsy) I couldn't find the lock on the door, I honestly don't think there even was one. So I decided, stuff it, I'll just hold the door closed, I was so desperate to go. Next thing I know, a woman opens the door wide open. I just remember shouting 'Oi!'. It wasn't really her fault at this point, obviously, but the stupid thing is a few seconds later she swung the door open for a second time and yelled 'Lock the f***ing door!!!' Well!! That was unnecessary. I remember hearing my mum telling her to leave alone and apparently no-one really saw me when the door was wide open, as it was so dark. Anyway, I'm laughing about it right now and I hope it made you laugh.

I also did some other cool things over the summer including going to Cornwall for a week with my best friend and her family, camping in Devon with my family, running 5k for my town's charity run and getting a time of 30 mins (my personal best) and going on many cycle rides with my family.