Thursday, 3 May 2012

Inspiration of the week

mmm I just love floral headbands!

could someone please show me how to create something like this? wow, is it a blurred photograph, or is it two images layered over eachother, with one being slightly transparent? I'll have to experiment... love the colours though :)

how unique is this picture? I so want to try this and give my images a cartoon style! funky! (what a dork I am...)

I love this image, as its quite unusual and a bit strange, but I love the pose in the bottom image and the beautiful water droplets

I love makeup photography, and I might post some of my makeup shoots on here, but I love how this models green eye's pop against the pink eyeshadow and flowers - beautiful!
aah, this is like heaven, I love the dreamy effect of the second image :)

I like that this image is really bright and contrasted, making only the girls hair, face and arms apear. genious.

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