Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Hello there,
My name is Clare, and this is my new blog. I have decided to call it 'Silver Springs' after one of Fleetwood Mac's greatest songs. As you can tell, it will be a photography, fashion and crafts blog, as these are my favourite things. I aspire to become a fashion or portrait photograher one day, as this is the ideal place to put my work. I currently am studying A level photography and I love it. As for fashion and crafts, I love to create beautiful things and save money by making or reinventing clothes. I will be posting DIY psots, which are so much fun to do, as well as outfit posts and the current shoots I'm doing. This is also not my first experience in the blogging world, as I used to have a blog called 'Pretty Little Fashion Addict'. You can probably tell i'm a Pretty Little Liars fans, but anyway, I decided to scrap that blog, for several reasons which i'm not going to get into. Back to the present blog, I hope to be also posting about my current inspirations, hauls (mainly charity shop finds, as I'm a big fan and a real cheap skate) and maybe some reviews. I hope that this blog goes better than the first, and this time, I will try not to worry about how many views i'm getting, but instead focus on writing about what I like. Feel free to comment and I will be posting soon!

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