Monday, 23 April 2012

Inspiration of the week

 I love this shot, it's so summery and gives you that feeling of freedom. I love how there are some blurred areas, giving the image a more hazy look. 
mmm I love this! so beautiful! theres something about petals floating on water and I like the romantic feel of this shot.
I am currently working on black and white photography at college, and this is a beautiful idea, it which you work with shadow and pattern. I've got loads of lace fabric which would work brilliantly for this. You could any material that has patterned holes in it.
I love the dark, dramatic eye makeup with gems, that works amazingly for black and white photography (I'm not so keen on the cigarette though). I love makeup and beauty photography and I might try this during my exploration of black and white photography.
Yesterday, I did a black and white shoot using glitter eye makeup and this was my main inspiration. I love the blurry dots of the glitter and the closeup shot of the eye. Cannot wait to show you guys my attempt!

Here are some more glitter photographs. I love the blurriness of the glitter photograph and the fatc that areas of the body are photographed with them, giving it a sense of closeness and emotion.

I recently created something silimar to this, and THEN saw this, which was a bit irritating, becuase this would have helped a lot. I'm absolutely fascinated by ink in water, which I previously did a shoot on. and the combination with portraiture is beautiful.


erica marie said...

Love the inspiration, the summer hazy photos always get me. Love your blog header, so cute! New follower here, looking forward to more of your inspiring posts.

xo erica

My Cowlick said...

These are such beautiful pictures! So different and inspiring.

I am #2 on your bloglovin!