Thursday, 5 April 2012

Inspiration of the week

I'm starting to plan how I will be decorating my new room, which i will be getting in the summer, when we have an extension added to our house. I'm really excited, and plan to have a shabby chic style room, but I also want to display my photography a lot more, and this is a really great way of displaying poloroids. But as much as I love the vintage look of poloroids, I've never used one. However, I can still use photoshop or something to add a poloroid border to all of my photos. If you are interested in this, here is a good tutorial. If you haven't got photoshop, PicMonkey is good if you change the borders to poloroid. And this is good too.
When I first saw this, I was like, how do you do this?? after staring at it for a while, I worked out that its actually quite simple. All you have to do is photograph someone holding a blank peice of paper. Well, it doesn't matter if its blank or not, but anyway, on a photo editor, you just copy the whole image, minimise it and then position it onto the peice of paper. And then you repeat this until you can't anymore. Simple. I cannot wait to try this for myself!! And it could be really intersting with diffent backgrounds, or you could even add a different colour tint to each image as it gets smaller.
 This is a beautiful image, and it is quite relevant to what i'm doing at the moment, which is colour in beauty and flower photography, so I might try this in the near future. It's great timing as well, being spring time when all the flowers are out. I just wish the weather was warmer, like it was a few weeks ago, and I could go out in a flimsy white vest. I can't wait for summer!
 I also do AS textiles and thought this could be an amazing project to create using embroidery and applique. And it also wouldn't be that hard to do, you would just need to sketch the image with tailers chalk (probably the hardest bit) and then just free machine stitich or even hand stitch over the lines and then using other coloured fabric for the collar, lips and eyelids. (I can see it now!) You will soon learn, when you read my blog, that I often say I will do things, or plan to the small detail, and then not get around to doing it. Hopefully, writing about it on my blog, will actually encourage me to do these things.
  I've seen a lot of these sorts of images around blogs and weheartit and I think their really cute. I like that each has a little quote, whether they inspirational or just someone thoughts, over a transparent shape. Although I love the photograph of hot air ballons in this example, often the image is actually very plain, and the shape and quote seem to make it come alive and give it more meaning.
 Ok, I admit it, I've never had a macaroon. Yes, its unbeleiveable. I just love the look of them though, I was suddenly inspired recently to make some. I still haven't made them yet, as I haven't had a lot of time, but I plan to, maybe in the summer. Anyway, thats me for today, hopefully I will be posting some of my recent photography shoots in the next few days. Speak to you soon!

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